I Present, Write about, and Teach Immersive and Interactive Design!

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I’ve spoken on VR art direction, game development pipeline, and interface design for immersive media.


Keynotes and Technical Talks ::::::

Making Virtual Memories: Kluge Evenings at the Loft


Gunter’s Universe: A talk show IN VR: Certainly one of the weirdest interviews I’ve done, but incredibly fun!
Watch Gunter’s Universe from guntersuniverse on www.twitch.tv

Talking about Nimbus Knights, an upcoming VR game


Video interview by SideFx Software on my 3d art process for virtual reality using Houdini



Interviews and Features ::::::

Me, Myself and UI

An article on my daily interface designs. An ongoing project where I make holographic ‘doodles’ in Houdini usually in 30 minutes or less.









SketchFab Art Spotlight: Primary Icon Drive

Art Spotlight: Primary Ion Drive

Podcasts and Radio ::::::

Voices of VR: 

#158: Exploring the spectrum of VR experiences with Otherworld Interactive: horror, music, social, educational, and room-scale


Blurred Radio Podcast : VR Design

The lines of media are blurring, we discuss how VR fits in!